Low Key Plagiarism Through Twitter Likes

It’s hard to find original content on the Internet nowadays. Someone somewhere would rewrite or spin your article into their own, calling it an “original” piece. One of the ways to do this is when someone sees something they like, on twitter for example, he or she could place twitter likes on the post, and repost it later.

Because your likes are archived, you could always go back to it whenever you want and repost it, in hopes the original author has forgotten about it. If you liked a tweet, all your twitter likes will be filed under favorites. You can always scroll back to the old tweets and either rewrite or repost the same thing on your twitter.

It’s getting challenging to challenge someone about online content because with sharing and viral, content get circulated widely that it can be difficult to track the original source. Plus, a person could always change several words to make it their own. If you were a serious writer, you would credit the original writer. But unfortunately, there are many people who don’t.

Queer Hash tags that are Outright Red flags for someone looking for Twitter Followers

As you probably know, using hash tags alongside your tweets can help you attract more twitter likes and followers. However, when you are a twitter newbie, you can at times be tempted to use common but potentially provocative hash tags. To start with is #420. It is popular among marijuana users, and unless you want some smoking buddies, it is not the right hash tag to use when tweeting to attract followers.

On the other hand, you may have seen hash tags like #pron which is basically #porn, #nsfw which means not safe for work, and thus could potentially attract you nudists as followers or people with whom you share fewer values.  Okay, by now you have an idea that you should be careful with the hash tags you use. But we are not through yet. If you ever get tempted to add #cu46, just know you attracted a few twitter likes from people you invited to have sex with you. Finally, avoid any vulgar hash tags whatsoever.

If you want to enjoy the social platform and increase following, trim your list accordingly

How do you increase your social media followers?  Does this sound a familiar question?  I believe it does and the world over every social media users desires that their number of followers continue to grow steadily.   Amongst the things you will joy as your followers increase is the reputation that comes with it.  It is therefore important that for you to increase your numbers find people that share your common interests.  It is easier than ever to find free followers from the people of your interests.

There are great disadvantages that followers get when they follow people of different interests on most social media platforms namely spam.  In case you never know, there is a lot of productivity and a sense of satisfaction when you are able to share with people of common interest. On any social media platform you can be able to effectively search for people of common interest through the provided tools which you can find on the dashboard.  If you want to enjoy using the social media platform please look for free followers from people who share your interest.

Why you have to be on Twitter as a PR Expert; and not just for the Free Likes

If you are a blogger, web designer, small business, upcoming musician or even a small company’s PR advisor, you have to be on twitter. But don’t join the social network to enjoy free likes or the interesting topics that trend often. PR and social media has become a thing, and you have to be actively maintaining your company’s images through all social media networks.

Today, corporate branding on social media is extensive, and every business must fight to build a reputation and a brand for itself on all major social networks. However, it is on twitter where real and most impactful business branding, advertising and PR works bests. Constantly interacting with your followers on twitter for instance can immensely lead to more brand loyalty. On the other hand, as a PR agent you will need to monitor the conversations people keep about your business so that you are able to counter accusations or any negative publicity.