Why you have to be on Twitter as a PR Expert; and not just for the Free Likes

News 04:06 June 2020:

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If you are a blogger, web designer, small business, upcoming musician or even a small company’s PR advisor, you have to be on twitter. But don’t join the social network to enjoy free likes or the interesting topics that trend often. PR and social media has become a thing, and you have to be actively maintaining your company’s images through all social media networks.

Today, corporate branding on social media is extensive, and every business must fight to build a reputation and a brand for itself on all major social networks. However, it is on twitter where real and most impactful business branding, advertising and PR works bests. Constantly interacting with your followers on twitter for instance can immensely lead to more brand loyalty. On the other hand, as a PR agent you will need to monitor the conversations people keep about your business so that you are able to counter accusations or any negative publicity.